Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Task A... Interdisciplinary group reviews & Moulage...

One day tasks... We had a 1day task were from your research so far you had to create either a half scale garment... half a full scale garment... or a garment out of paper... I went for the half a full scale garment. From my research i decided to look at the cocoon shape, dawn was also looking at a similar shape, after talking to ian on how to create this shape we both went for different methods to see which would work best. I went with the rugby ball shape panels to create a cocoon and dawn went with gathering at the top and the bottom to create fullness in the middle. I really enjoyed this session and it showed me that if you put your mind to it you can get so much more done. Also that i will have to start setting my own deadlines much more! If you are focused or have pressure to get something done its often the case that you can do it. But without pressure you choose not to! Any way from this one day project i really liked the outcome from the cocoon shaped skirt and on the sleeves and this has lead me to do some design development based on this.. I would really consider doing this again in the future on a college day.

Group reviews was a great help i found out that i was pretty much at the same stage as everyone else just beginning or half way through design development. I am tad behind with designing fabric samples but i will have a good stretch this weekend at catching up with sampling. The one day project creating half a garment really inspired me for my final design so i have a pretty good idea at what point im going to make in my final garment.

On the other hand Moulage was pretty difficult... I had used this process before on my final major project on the foundation course only using a bias cut rather than the grain line. Anyway, my half garment was too difficult and worked out better with flat pattern cutting so i had to come up with a new idea to work with on the stand. I understand the process now though and i know its a useful skill for future projects!

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