Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Interdisciplinary process hand in!

Phewww im quite glad to have handed in my interdisciplinary process. I was really pleased with my final garment. I think it worked well and reflected on my research. Although i think towards the end of the project i mabe spent too much time on the garment and not enough time on my illustration or finishing off other sketch work! It feels good though to only have PPD1 to get on with now. Ive stupidly been writing my blog in a note pad for the last 6ish months! so will now have to type that up defiantly a learning curve that next year i will keep my blog up to date on the web! Anyway yeah this project has totally swayed me more towards pathway b... I really dont think my designs are avaunt guard at all... I do like using expensive fabrics but there is still upper middle market on the hightstreet which use more expensive fabrics. Also my pattern cutting isnt very avaunt guard either! I really enjoy using C.A.D for line ups etc but this would be used in pathway B too. i just really am not interested in promotion too much, or films... or websites i did IT at school and hated all the codes and things you have to learn to make websites... I think it would just stress me out and i wouldnt enjoy it! So pathway B i have chosen. Im really looking 4ward to all the modules... Although i would have liked to have done innovative cut from pathway A. 

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