Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thursdays private study this week i took what we did on tuesdays lesson and had a go with material... good to have a play and got me thinking about what i was going to make when we came back from reading week...

Friday 17th October
Doing dart manipulation, this day went so quickly! At first it took a while to get the grips of what we were being asked to do but once i got the hang of things it was really good... also just showing you how important it is to think about when designing a garment just how your going to make it look like it does on paper or if its even possible!

Tuesday 14th october

These pictures were from our tuesdays session we were creating silhouettes on barbies influenced by our designer and our chosen  words. Taking pictures then drawing the garment before altering and doing the same again. At the end of this we all had to lay out a picture and drawing along with chosen garment on the barbie lay it out for everyone t make comments on. walking round with post it notes we make constructive comments on each others work...
Really interesting... Then we moved onto the stand, working with paper to the same kind of idea. This was really useful and i would will plan to use it again maybe with material next time.

Wednesday 15th October-
This was my first week in creative approaches to fashion, a display had been made with stands and different clothing with a mixture of colour's and textures. The whole of this day was dedicated to different mark making to achieve different textures on clothing and how you could go about getting them. It was mixture of short and long drawings using continues lines and alternative hands etc. Also moving onto other peoples drawings and drawing on top of theirs and so on. Really really useful exercises with so much time off over summer i think it helped a lot of us to loosen up and get back into the flow of things in next weeks lesson in the afternoon ill have a photoshop introduction.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Octobers blog entries

                                                          Tuesday 7th October- session
Friday 3rd October -
We were split into our three groups for the next three fridays to learn the basics of creative design realisation. 
My first week was with andrew, we were drafting blocks with out step by step guide on how to draft a block. Drafting the front and back bodice block and a sleeve, we were given measurements to draft a block for a size 12 but were informed on how to increase the size or decrease the size of your block... 
On my foundation course we were taught the basics of block cutting, and also made blocks of our own but we didn't make them ourselves we just drew round existing blocks. So it was a great help to actually do a step by step guide. i really enjoyed this session and found it a great help!

Monday 6th October-
Critical studies we analysed our previous weeks work, which was the comparison exercise of the remote control dress/ the victorian dinner dress... we talked over the meaning of modernity and continued to talk about semiotics and a barthes theory...
this session of critical studies really confused me, i didn't follow it completely.

Tuesday 7th October-
Creative approaches to fashion, previous to the lesson we had to make 10 photocopies of am image which incorporated our research (mines is Gareth Pugh/Padded and laddered) we had to use the photocopies and manipulate them into 10 different silhouettes/ images which would fit on a fashion figure. ripping, scratching,twisting, scrunching, pleating, cutting etc to create different images

Wednesday 8th October - 
Private study- I'm in group b for creative approaches to fashion, so not in this week. I made notes on work i need to keep on top of for wednesdays work when were not in...
Then started to do the images of a garment in different medias, moods, lines etc. 
also looked at the work for the next wednesday when i wasn't, it was using words to make images...

Friday 10th October - 
Creative design realisation, moved onto Hugo's group this week. Which was sewing seams and zips. First we started with sewing continuous squares and circles just to get the feel of machines and how much pressure etc to use on the pedal...
then moved onto the seams, and finally the zips. It was interesting to see all the alternative seams you could use some which were for decorative reasons. All these will be added to our technical file.

The last of Septembers blog entries

Friday 26th September 
Started our creative design realisation were we were all inducted into the sewing machines and we had to buy spools for the industrial machines. We used paper with lines on to guide usto get the feel of the machines. I thought this was really difficult, compared to sewing machines im used to using in the past, but u soon get the hand of it!