Tuesday, 2 June 2009

F.A.C Crit

So we had to email Ian an A3 image it could be a mixture of images but had to reflect our work so that the viewer knew exactly what we were researching... Everybody seem to get the wrong idea tho a lot of us had not included any text and sue and Ian were a bit unaware we didn't know you were ment to. Anyway that aside i think my crit went ok, i found it easy to talk about my work because i was interested in it... the only think that threw me was i had already set out in my head how i wanted my final image to look but sue and Ian threw different ideas at me so im confused now as to wether they think i should not use a graffiti back ground and use a jackson pollock photoshopped back ground... ill have to think about this. We have been given an extended deadline on this project too which i kind of dont really want because i will just drag it out over easter : ( never mind 

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