Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Interdisciplinary process

We were given a new project before easter and had some group workshops before then end of easter to help you get going with the project over easter. Part A of interdisciplinary process was the research 3 different aspects of metamorphosis... and do 5 sheets for each aspect. I choose camouflage, nature/insects and cosmetic changes to the human body. On our fabric workshop before easter we got to use the heat press and try to create different materials from ideas we had about the project. (unfortunately i fainted in the morning of this lesson and had to go to A&E so missed most of this lesson which i feel put me behind with the project as i didnt have many fabric samples) Over easter i became more interested in the camouflage side of metamorphosis and even more with moths and moths decaying of fabrics and moth cocoons. Above are some of my research sheets that started ideas of colours/fabrics/style and shapes relating to moths... I also began different knitting stitches to try and create a moth eaten fabric, using different types of wool to create different effects. My research shows interest in more dark brown, grey dull colours. This is different from other projects in the past.

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