Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Meeting my 3rd year

My 3rd years name is charlotte, Ian had previously told me charlotte may be quite awkward. So i was a bit apprehensive about meeting her but she was fine, very easy to talk to and my container culture project showed similarities with the ditsy floarl prints and designing for Topshop. So this was useful to see her final outcome and the quility and standard of finish that if expected at a middle market level. I really liked her fabrics she had chosen and it gave me a rough idea of the amount of money spent and were you can source fabrics from. Also the production work process she had gone through. Although she didnt have any sketch work with her or designing work with her so i didnt get to see any of that! Being with the 3rd years it was quite apparent that some people take it more seriously and spend more time and effort creating their final collection. I still couldnt quite understand the 2 different pathways seens as there course was different and had changed from the course we are now taking...
My first day with charlotte she was really quite busy doing her garments. So i was given the task of re-tracing her garments and neatening them up. Most of her patterns were quite simple, and only had a few extra pieces. I could see from working in the hub the difference between the more avaunt guard garments and the more high street designed garments. My friends had a 3rd year who had done mens wear and her work was very impressive, with some quite complexed patterns. I didnt finish all the patterns as i think i was being a bit too precise but thats how i would like somebody to treat my patterns! I offered to finish them another time or next thursday as i had my elective to go to (i would rather have stayed and cut out patterns) and she said that was fine! 
Although through talking to my 3rd year she was very negative towards the course and the tutors. But i think you will only get out of the course what you are willing to put in! All the tutors and technicians seen fine and helpful to me.

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