Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Final Line up

Whilst doing some of my new design sheets and using alternative fabrics, i did some fabric samples with them to see if my designs could actually be made/produced from these materials. Some of the fabric samples are scanned in above. I thought they worked really well. They would look effective if actually made! 
I really enjoyed hand drawing my final designs and then C.A.D rendering them... I was really pleased with the outcome. This project helped me to learn a lot more about how to give things a more professional finnish through using C.A.D i would defiantly use this technique again and again! I also clicked another piece into place of which pathway i would like to do next year.. It may be a bit early to think about but i am swaying more towards pathway B with this project i have defiantly enjoyed it the most so far. I also feel personally i have improved on this project, the work seemed to flow a lot more easily. I would have liked to have gone further with this project and actually set about making one of my garments from the line up!

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