Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Digital Photography Elective...

I started my digital photography elective a couple of weeks ago, I am really interested in fashion photography so thought this would be a good elective to take. First week went not to plan. I was sat in the room waiting for the tutor to turn up with 4 other people but she didnt turn up after waiting 1hour so we all left. turns out she was waiting in the corridor. So the next week went a bit more to plan and we were inducted into using the digital camera. On my foundation and national certificate i had previously done black and white photography and digital photography but because im not using the digital cameras on a regular basis i tend not to be able to remember how to use them, so i thought the elective would help but im still not having much luck. anyway... I really enjoy styling for photography aswell. So i had been trying to rope somebody into modeling for me and harriet agreed so here are some pictures from harriet taken in the lighting studio. I have some more pictures taken out on location i will up load soon... But to be honest i dont really feel like this elective has been much use to me or helped me learn anything from it : ( 

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