Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Design development- materials2

My Crit with Angie went really well, i felt like i was on track and had done a substantial amount of work. Angie pointed out that my designs were more designer and therefore not in keeping to designing for a middle mass market/ a high street brand. Neither were my fabrics suitable for a high street brand these too were also more suitable for a designer brand. I decided to take a few steps back and start researching into which high street brand i wanted to design for also taking into consideration the 15 design development/ idea sheets i had already done. I have decided to choose Topshop unique, which is a side brand of Topshop's, they use slightly more pricey fabrics compared to Topshops main line. Talking to Ian about what i should do with my designs as they did not reflect Topshop uniques brand i then took some elements of my original designs and adapted them so they were more in keeping with Topshops brand and highstreet designs. I also have chosen alternative fabrics that are more relevant to the new designs.

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