Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Swing tags with 3rd year

So this week with my 3rd year i was sewing buttons onto her swing tags, her collection is ment to have an element of child-like resemblance/ vintage and her swing tags are really inkeeping with this design... She has hand stenciled on her name to them which is glambotsky which was her grandparents maiden name before it was changed which i think is really interested and in keeping again with her vintage theme. 
Once i had finished doing her swing tags i then was drawing out some patterns for her. She was already for her garment collection hand in the next day, and didnt have too much to stress about either. Charlotte had also made her own coat hangers that were padded with ditsy floral material...
Ahh yeah almost forgot slipped my mind i was also hand sewing in her labels for her too, which again were floral material with dark black glambotsky signs on them. It was also interesting when charlotte was having them printed out i went to watch andrew do them and that was interesting to watch aswel, another process that you have to think about come my own collection!

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