Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fashion, Art & Culture hand in!

Fashion Art and Culture hand in, at easter at home i finished my full circle net skirt, and basque top that was to resemble the 1950's couture dresses. I really enjoyed making the skirt and now know how to make a full circular skirt. but this was not what this project was about... It was about the final image. I stupidly did not take home my digital SLR camera and therefor had to use a simple digital camera, and without the lighting studio it didnt really work out very well! And add to that, that i was working too much when i was home to go to glasgow skate park to take the picture with a graffiti background let to a pretty dull image. I really didnt enjoy this project much, i dont know if it was because i was ill just before easter and that made me a little stressed... I have learnt tho to get things out the way before holidays, if you can do it before your hand in do it! I feel my image should have been stronger due to my digital photography elective but never mind! Its out the way now.

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