Sunday, 10 January 2010


Niki Pilkington found this great illustrator I love this kind of realistic fashion illustrator. pop kind.


This christmas holidays were long awaited this year for some reason, i was looking forward to it farrr to much!... mabe because i was going to cuba... but as usual my bad luck came into call and there was no sun whilst i was there... now im back i have far too much work to do. back to not handling my time very well. Also i have grown a hatred for snow.




I found out that leeds had a lot of history of tailoring to it, and found out the the royal armoires museum industrial museum had a lot of machinery and information about tailoring there lots of it about Sir montague Burton. I was still not sure i had enough information so i emailed the curator of the exhibition and i am awaiting a reply. But andrew is unsure he will get back to me. hmmm


New brief, New Project.
We were supposed to getting a man from industry who has his own male tailoring business, he also had previously studied at leeds college of art and design. i think he did his foundation here. His recent work i have noticed is on the walls between reception and the mosaic cafe.
Anyway.... he bailed on us.
Im still really looking forward to this project it should be interesting, and im sure we will learn lots of new techniques. I always enjoy learning new processes.
Starting with the tailoring shop report was a good idea, getting to see the different market levels of tailoring and how much work and detail went into the more prestigious and bespoke tailoring.
Paul Smith's attention to detail with his buttons and lining was a good inspirational starting point.
We are off the the leeds theatre costume department to gain information on uniform tailoring and some history of tailoring. looking forward to this visit.


Just got back my application of design result and im VERY pleased 77% wasnt expecting that : )


I totally forgot to mention reading and my elective, I really didn't enjoy my elective much... it was drawing practices, we had to sit most days and draw a scene graded with boxes and measuring it had to be exact... this reminded me of national certificate. Got a bit fed up by the end of it. People the previous year had been more experimental so when we had the chance to do our own work before the hand in, i tried to be more experimental i hate rigid drawing ( mabe because im no good at it, or used to the proportions of fashion illustration ) Im not expecting a great mark back from this to be honest i dont feel like i learned anything or it benefited me or my future work in anyway...


Just finished the presentation and it was great watching other peoples too, some had mini run throughs with models and others had videos of their photoshoot's. Fun stuff to watch!
I think it went pretty well all my group had learned our lines and we spoke clearly and i think had gotten all the points across we had intended fingers crossed.


Just some work and images from our photo shoot for this project also some pages from my lookbook.

Application of design has been handed in, but its not all over yet later on today we have to do our presentation which i am a little worried about after this morning seeing people with bags of goodie bags and chocolates!? and lots of props and videos!? eekkk... ow well off to practice some more or our presentation hope it goes well.


I found this vintage clothing shop online which is full of vintage designer goodies a lot of which are from the 90's and 80's wish i could afford some of these goodies but it always just great inspiration i think looking at vintage websites
Here is the website also a blog and a lookbook, also lots of items sold on ebay. Its a delight to look through.


So my group and i have come up with an interesting concept behind our collection a way to make it unique and also to help solve a part of the brief... sustainability we have incorporated this into our collection using vintage scarves or vintage fabrics making each garment unique and one off using different vintage fabrics or every garment. Using the fabrics as linings or piping or to cover buttons with to make each garment different. Our group collection has a real modern country feel to it.
When we went to choose our group fabrics it was a little difficult as some people couldn't make it so it wasn't easy making judgements on wether the fabrics we choose were what they had in mind... We needed the fabrics to begin designing. We choose 2 heavy Wools one a deep plum colour and the other grey. One sheer cream fabrics and a silky fabric. one really light wool. and added with our vintage fabrics we didnt want to make the garments too busy with too many colours and fabrics.
So we got together and pulled together our final collection. A coat, one day dress, one evening dress, trousers, shorts and a top. I have just finished making my toile for my coat, its going pretty well ( for once) im just really slow at making i need to hurry up esp for the final year!


Application of design is in full swing... working in a group in interesting i have been joined with, Sophie, Georgie, bonnie, lauren and Charlotte. I am not going to lie it has been interesting and testing working with a group its hard to compromise on everyones ideas and bringing them together to make the concept of a collection exciting! BUT a challenge is always good i think we will pull together and make a good collection!
Im excited to make this work and to have a good outcome... The group presentation i am worried about though, it will be hard work but interesting.


So the summer has come to an end been a horrible summer, getting broken into and having to move home, then back to leeds again... but anyway a new college year is about to begin... Im looking forward to this year and anticipating lots of work. Also im quite nervous about looking for work experience....
Anyway i found these images on a blog and found the styling and the idea exciting, photography is a really great way to help get across your idea or the origin of an idea.
great stuff.