Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Design development- materials

material samples to back up my design development

Container culture- idea sheets

here are a few examples of the next stage of container culture, we had a power point presentation on idea sheets which should come after your research i found this really helpful as normally i go straight from research to design ideas and this is probably why my work dousnt flow very well normally. But i feel now in future projects i will be able to actually use the design process and make it work! i liked using photoshop and drawing for these sheets.


Feedback received for creative design realisation i got 63% i received a higher mark for my technical file than my produced dress but i really wasnt happy with the make of my dress so i was happy with the mark i got. I also got my feedback from critical studies, i got 66% for my presentation and my essay on punk subculture theories which i was really surprised and happy with as most of the time i dont actually understand what marcel is teaching us. But it must be sinking in!

Christmas is over : (

Back to college on the 12th of January 09, back to college and its the second part of our briefing... we now have a new brief called container culture. Before we split up for christmas we had a short project to do one wednesday session to create a visual a3 board resembling container culture. or a research sheet, after a few thoughts i started to think about the war as a container, and war love letters containing memories/messages etc. Rationed food, clothing, how in current living we take for granted food and cheap clothing. Also suit cases and evacuations for children. So when we came back after christmas we had our container culture brief and i decided to continue with war related research as i thought this would give me a substantial amount of research and ideas. Above are 2 examples of research sheets.

Trend boards over christmas and january

Trend boards, i was really looking forward to doing my trend boards, but when it came to doing it i found it really hard to actually find images, and also putting the images together and making sure the trend ran thought all these pictures... i was quite pleased with my punk trend board the others i was a little disappointed with. but i thought they were a good attempt seens as im not very handy when it comes to photoshop. Hopefully you can see the trends i was trying to portray!

Shop report over christmas holidays

Here are a few of my shop report sheets, i decided to work with each market level and create a report on each level. i found it really quite hard on some levels, i couldnt take pictures and it was hard to find out information. I was quite pleased with a few of my sheets, but some could have done with more images.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Private study week 15th dec 08

Private study week and my last chance to go and get my research for luxury, designer and designer diffusion market levels mabe even upper mass market. In carlisle the nearest city were i live we have pretty poor shops! So this week i have spent making sure i have all the images and information required to put together my shop report and trend boards whilst im at home. so long as my mum dousnt make me work too much over christmas! It was really hard trying to get images of clothing and swing tags etc inside harvey nichols, vivienne westwood etc. I felt a bit suspicious but ive got what i needed to thats all that matters.

Creative Design Realisation hand in!

12th December 2008, today was the hand in of the dress and technical file for design realisation. I wasn't too impressed with my dress but my technical file seemed up to scratch. I didnt feel to under pressure with this project as long as you used private study time and attended the sessions it all went fine. 

creative design Realisation

Week 2 creative design realisation, 5th December 2008
Since last weeks lesson with andrew i had cut my pattern out of the calico at home ready to start the assemble of my garment. Today went really fast and i got a lot of my dress put together. My only problem was i wish i had mabe chosen a different dress to make i wasnt too happy with it once it had started to come together. I will also have to start assembling my technical file! hand in is in 2 weeks today. 

New briefing!

24th November 2008
Today we received our new briefing for tuesday sessions. creative design practices. This brief sounds really interesting. we have to create a shop report and trend boards for this season A/W 08 so a lot of research is required. going out and looking at shops and seeing what trends are around this season. there is a first part and a second part to this brief. both have to be handed in Feb 09 so quite some time but bet it goes quicker than it seems! Today we were briefed and then we went out into the shops to take pictures of the trends also using a trend site provided by the college. im looking forward to creating these trend and shop report boards! 
Ive neglected my blog for quite sum time now! so the dates will appear wrong at the headings ill write the correct dates in my comments! last entry was ment to be on friday 21st november!

Creative design Realisation

My first creative design realisation session was today, i really enjoyed this lesson. I was put in andrews group who i found really helpful, and quite funny!  I began by looking at my pictures of the dress i was going to make to figure out how it had been cut and constructed. The dress i had chosen turned out to be quite simple to cut the pattern. with help from andrew my pattern books and having some lessons in pattern cutting last year on my foundation i found it quite easy to get going. I finished drawing my pattern so next week or either at home i may pin it to my material and cut it out ready to get going in next fridays session.