Sunday, 9 May 2010

work experience!

Work experience is happening! I was quite slow at getting into the swing of applying for placements but i had to force myself to do it. Surprisingly a few people got back to me. Some just letting me know that they didn't have a placement available. Others asking for me to come for interviews.
I arranged an Interview while the last project was coming to an end with a designer called Louis De Gama, he is a womenswear designer and he makes lots of one off pieces which he sells in his shop down brick lane. His style is quite romantic, he mixes tailoring with soft silks and leathers. I really like what i have seen of his collections.
I have my interview ( getting the portfolio together was a bit of a rush ) and he offered me a placement over Easter for 3 weeks. I am really excited about this opportunity. It is a design placement and i will be doing a lot of pattern cutting, and sewing which will hopefully be great experience.

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