Sunday, 9 May 2010

Design Realisation

Here are some images of my research and designs from design realisation, i really didn't enjoy this project for some reason. I thought i would really enjoy it but i couldn't get into it. I also think i made some big mistakes when making the trousers, i choose the wrong type of material and the wrong colour! I am really disappointed with them.

Although i personally didn't enjoy this project i have learned a lot from it, it was a really useful brief. Learning how to use illustrator to do flats and the technical package is also a very useful tool to have. I just wish i has been a bit more dedicated to the project and not made the mistakes with fabrics and colour choices. I have a feeling this wont be my best grade! At least i can learn from this project that i really do need to focus on my time keeping and thinking about fabrics and if they will work or not.

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