Sunday, 9 May 2010

Final line up - Presentation - finished

Here are my final line ups without the fabric on, i have used photoshop and scanned in the blank images to add the fabrics to the designs. most of the fabrics i have used are upholstery, thick wools, or thick cotton mixes. I am quite happy with my line up but i would quite like on the next project to try something different with the line up. perhaps the way i present it, so its no just on a A3 piece of paper, or even on photoshop.

All in all im quite happy with this project i have kept to a strict time limit and this has helped me to be less stressed and have the need to rush thing. It does feel odd though not having to stay up late the night before a hand in to get everything finished. I will defiantly try and work to this standard and organisation every-time.

I was really worried about the presentation, i dont think my visuals were the best they could be, but i think i spoke quite well and kept good eye contact with gemma and ian so so hopefully this wont bring my grade down.

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