Sunday, 9 May 2010

critical studies - i made a start!

An analysis of the phenomena and status of Haute Couture

Investigating the Phenomena of Haute Couture, looking into the history of the possible art form, its origins and how it has evolved over time. Examining Couture in the terms of a commodity, it’s social status in correspondence to hierarchy and class. Whilst examining Marx’s theories surrounding Capitalism in relation to Couture, alongside looking to Adorno’s theories in correlation to Couture as a potential art form.

so this is my opening paragraph for my critical studies essay, im quite glad i've chosen a subject now, im looking into haute couture and its possibilities of it being used as an art form, also looking at its purpose it apposed to make for the brand. looking the Marxs and Adornos theories with capitalism. Im quite nervous about this essay its quite hard to write an academic essay when all we have done since i left gcse is 1 essay a year and its normally on something to do with fashion. im finding it hard to incorporate the critical theorists. I also think i need to read more, it can only help with my dissertation. actually id rather not think about that right now! but i should make a good start to my dissertation in the summer and not leave it too late like i have this essay!

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