Sunday, 10 January 2010


New brief, New Project.
We were supposed to getting a man from industry who has his own male tailoring business, he also had previously studied at leeds college of art and design. i think he did his foundation here. His recent work i have noticed is on the walls between reception and the mosaic cafe.
Anyway.... he bailed on us.
Im still really looking forward to this project it should be interesting, and im sure we will learn lots of new techniques. I always enjoy learning new processes.
Starting with the tailoring shop report was a good idea, getting to see the different market levels of tailoring and how much work and detail went into the more prestigious and bespoke tailoring.
Paul Smith's attention to detail with his buttons and lining was a good inspirational starting point.
We are off the the leeds theatre costume department to gain information on uniform tailoring and some history of tailoring. looking forward to this visit.

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