Sunday, 10 January 2010


So my group and i have come up with an interesting concept behind our collection a way to make it unique and also to help solve a part of the brief... sustainability we have incorporated this into our collection using vintage scarves or vintage fabrics making each garment unique and one off using different vintage fabrics or every garment. Using the fabrics as linings or piping or to cover buttons with to make each garment different. Our group collection has a real modern country feel to it.
When we went to choose our group fabrics it was a little difficult as some people couldn't make it so it wasn't easy making judgements on wether the fabrics we choose were what they had in mind... We needed the fabrics to begin designing. We choose 2 heavy Wools one a deep plum colour and the other grey. One sheer cream fabrics and a silky fabric. one really light wool. and added with our vintage fabrics we didnt want to make the garments too busy with too many colours and fabrics.
So we got together and pulled together our final collection. A coat, one day dress, one evening dress, trousers, shorts and a top. I have just finished making my toile for my coat, its going pretty well ( for once) im just really slow at making i need to hurry up esp for the final year!

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