Sunday, 28 September 2008

Wednesday the 24th we have a library induction, and found out how to use the resources in the library, for e.g the photocopier. Also found out there's a good range of magazines there.

Friday the 26th i was in group b for Industrial machinery Induction... before hand we had a briefing on the Creative design realization module, and what was expected of us. Friday was really just being shown around what was there to be used and briefly how to use it. the next three weeks will be split into different inductions depending on what the tutors think you need to be taught 1st. It gets split up into 
+using the machines- dart manipulation,facings, 
+block cutting 
+working drawings? 
im in group b so i dont hand in till the 12 of december, mite give me more time in the 3weeks private study to practice my making before we have to bring in a picture of a garment you want to make. this should be really fun, and although ive made things on my foundation course ive never really made something that i was really happy with the finishings on so hopefully i will do this time!

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