Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Enroling and first week of college

I enroled on the 15th of september almost a week and a half ago, onto the BA (HONS) Fashion course at Leeds college of art and design. Last week started off quite slow with just enrolment on the monday. Tuesday morning we had the principals welcome and a meeting to inform us we were going to Manchester the next day for a day trip. Also what was required of us whilst we were in Mancherster. My tutorial was with Ian on the tuesday afternoon. 

Wednesday we went to Manchester to look at architecture, exhibitions and little vintage shops to try and help fuel our summer projects. I couldnt really find anything that linked with gareth pugh and padded and laddered. But still enjoyed looking around the ibis? (i think thats what its called) exhibitions. I had already seen the matthew williamson exhibition whilst it was in London last winter, but your were allowed to take pictures this time so that was helpful.

On Thursday we did a group activity which was a quiz and our group the awesome 4some didnt do too well and got one of the lowest scores. was still quite fun tho. Friday morning we got to make our elective choices. I chose Digital photography as my first choice, on my foundation course for my final major i did a lot of styled photography for my exhibition i just wish id known more about manipulating the photographs to get the most out of them. also how to use the camera! my second choice was millinery i love hats so would be a useful skill to have. The friday afternoon we handed in our summer project.

This week on monday the 22nd of september we had our PPD1 briefing which we found out about personal development in which we found out we had to write a blog about what you do at college and the keep a note on your personal development throughout the course. Which will end up helping you with your 5-minute presentation. Another interesting thing is that towards the end of the year we get to help a 3rd year student out with there exhibition preparations this will be very helpful and interesting looking forward to doing this.

Tuesday was just a CAD induction were we were given out log in usernames and how to use the PC's.

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